Life of working mother in contemporary scenario

Dr Shivani Sachdev Gour

A caring mother, an affectionate housewife, a sensible entrepreneur this is the lady of today maintaining the two phases of life side by side smartly being substantial professionally and being spectacular personality, is how she balances her busy schedule. At times, she is a hard task master but of all she is soft at heart-a complete blend of perfection.

In this contemporary scenario, the word mother is just not limited to a homely confine. These was a time when women used to get an immense satisfaction in just doing the house work, their  expertise ended at the dining table. But now the scenario has changed, the woman of today has become more sophisticated, more intelligent and, a leader in every walk of life. This is the women power omnipresent.

 Today’s woman does not forget the societal cultures, traditions and the religious definitions. She keeps a great balance between her professional life and her personal life; she portrays her dual personality very perfectly of that of a homely women and a business woman. Feeding the children, taking care of elders, is a priority for the modern mother who does not let it impinge her professional side.

Following are such dynamic women who have shared their contemporary experiences of being a working mother, how their day starts, the challenges they face, how they groom their children and how they rejuvenate themselves.

As Manisha Amol, Vice President Marketing Modicare Ltd says, “It is always a challenge to draw the right balance between professional and personal life. I also feel that there a big linkage between the two. If you are happy at home then you are very productive in office and vice versa. My experience says always enjoy the work that you do and this will provide immense satisfaction at the end of each day.”

I have always been a go getter in my entire career of 19 years, a hard task master, has set high goals for myself and my team. Performance and results always provide the right motivation to move forward.

The positive thought with the right attitude has helped me grow as a professional and a proud mother. I have one son who is doing well in studies-scored 95 per cent in Class 10 CBSE board exams. He plays piano and participates in quite a few outdoor games like Tennis, Football etc.

Daily routine

I get up a 5.30am in the morning to make certain that my son is off to school on time. I prepare a light breakfast. Everything has to be in place every day. I ensure that the house is in order. The rest of the day is devoted to work and the evening is again occupied in ensuring that my commitment to my home is met.


It is very hectic schedule and I feel tired at the end of the day, to overcome that I do yoga and energies myself. At times, the biggest challenge that I face is when my son due to some unavoidable circumstances needs more of my time.

Challenges are rewarding. I have consciously chosen this lifestyle as I want to do something substantial in my life. I have always been a very independent person and have set high goals for myself. I want to accomplish great things and make my existence meaningful.

Also, Chavi Hemanth, Secretary General-Indian Direct Selling Associate ion says, “My day starts at 6 with dedicated yoga exercises for 45 mins. The day proceeds with organizing the breakfast for me and my family so my child is   off to school on time, following which I gear myself to head for the office.”

I am a dedicated professional yet I am not guilty to take half an hour daily for my family during my office hours, I plan my day such that all my deadlines are met. However, if the case be then my family has to wait. When I leave office, I devote some time to revive myself by going for a swim or hitting a gym thrice a week. The day ends happily with time spent at home with my family.
As a mother I am always meticulous about how my child fairs academically, the biggest challenge for every working mother is teaching their children with the current education style that advocates endless homework yet, I make sure that on weekends I always asses my child’s performance at school by going through their work and staying in touch with the school administration. Weekends are also a time when I’m available just to my family. We go to swim, head to a mall or watch back to back movies with my children.

These women prove that the grace of today’s woman is multifaceted, She is known to plan the day for her family with the same finesse as she plans the day for the business women in her. They have learnt best ways to channelize their full potential in parenting as well as in advancing their careers.
Giving advice to such working mother is one working mother herself Dr Shivani Sachdev Gour, Infertility Expert and Gynaecologist, SCI Healthcare who says, “As more women get to run home and boardrooms, they are under pressure more than ever to balance work and home. However, in the midst of their burden schedules, mothers tend to ignore the most important aspect- their diet and nutrition.”

“Healthily eating is not about strict nutrition philosophies, staying unrealistically thin, or depriving yourself of the food you love.  It’s rather about feeling great, having more energy and keeping oneself healthy. Eating well is one the best ways one can take care of themselves and those depend on you, “she added.

The above quoted women are the leading faces of today’s woman who have the upper most of the attention and yet manage to go back home to lead an anonymous yet gratifying life of a mother.