Dr Shivani Sachdev Gour workshop for couples expecting baby by surrogacy

First workshop for couples expecting baby by surrogacy on how to breast feed the baby by inducing lactation. We successful close to 40 participants. Despite heavy rains everyone made it and so keen and motivated to get started!! Thanks to hard work in organising this by Lalit Verma Jyoti Prince Ruth Malik from Australia.....Uday Medala

Dr Ritu Santwani thank you for introducing me to this team in your wonderful CME in Pune. Can even be started after baby is born. medications include ocpill perinorm...and just herbs like methi seeds. Depends on what stage of pregnancy. For surrogacy always do this after 28 weeks..viability of baby. Be v sensitive in presentation as these couples have been through a lot of hardships and heartbreak. 2 stories are very good. Einstein breast feed for almost 5 to 6 yrs; milk important for brain development due to higher fat content than cows milk etc. Other story is of tsunami in Thailand..father stranded on a tree with a hungry baby...mother missing...father started lactating...breast milk ...as no one around to provide any feed to baby. It's just an amazing story



  1. Placing workshop is great and useful for marriage couples. They will expect a baby. This workshop shows a better way. Good article. Kindly read Infertility doctors in Hyderabad


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