Couple from the Indian Army Blesses To Dr Shivani Sachdev

Dear Dr Shivani Gour, Dr Vishal & SCI Team

Whenever we used to see such….. Thank you…. cards on Walls of SCI Hospital or other IVF Clinics from where we undertook earlier IVF Cycles {and they failed EVERYTIME}, we used to wonder that when would that Day come when I would be writing my own such card…….and now when this day has come, I find myself SPEECHLESS to how to express my happiness.

Only because of YOU….. Dr Shivani Sachdev, we have got success in our IVF Cycle and I tell you that for us, you are only next to God!!

What touched me most is your personalized and humane approach.

You always patiently heard our concerns & fears and gave us your honest advice…which is a rare commodity these days.

Your staff too is very gentle…an exception in this brutally commercialized world.
Best of all…was ‘following up process’ of SCI Hospital Staff where they reminded us about Medicines, Injections, and Visit to Hospital etc.

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