Some Experts Like Dr Shivani Sachdev, Sharing her/his Views on Health Question

1) I have been married for six months and my wife never gets her monthly cycle. Is there a problem or what? Children? Future of our love life? Perhaps her family should have told us about it. There are many questions in my mind. Please let me know how serious this is.

Yes, it is definitely serious and your wife needs investigations of blood tests, pelvic ultrasound and scan. She should go to a Gynecologist ASAP.

Dr Shivani Sachdev Gour, Gynaecologist and Infertility Expert, SCI Healthcare, Delhi

2) I drink a lot of water and fluids during the day and have still developed kidney stones. What causes stones in the kidneys and the gall bladder?

There could be several reasons for kidney stone formation and the lack of water is just one of them. If one forms kidney stones, the person should be completely evaluated for the known reason of stone formation, for example increased calcium levels in blood.

Dr Anshuman Aggarwal, Consultant Urologist, Fortis Hospital, Delhi

3) After working in the organization for many years, I have steadily climbed up in the hierarchy. Recently, I was made manager of a department. But I sense hostility. How can I pull the team together?

With each position that you rise to, there tends to be associated discontentment in the people who work for you and even with you. As a person heading a group of people its is important to lead by example and without being too imposing right at the beginning. The initial phase requires forging a bond first so that a relationship of trust and commitment can be built up with one’s employees. Enforcing one’s way of doing things comes later. So having a rapport is an extremely important aspect of a working relationship, as well as inculcating a sense of competence in one’s abilities.

Dr Samir Parikh, Chief Psychiatrist, Department of Mental Health and Behavioral Sciences, Max Healthcare, Delhi

4) What are the causes of hernia and how can it be avoided? Does it run in families or is this a lifestyle condition?

A hernia occurs when the contents of the body cavity bulge out of the area where they are normally contained. Any condition that increases the pressure of the abdominal cavity may contribute to the formation or worsening of a hernia. Examples include: obesity, lifting heavy objects, coughing, straining during bowel movement or urination, chronic lung disease and fluid in the abdominal cavity. A family history of hernias can make you more likely to develop a hernia.

Dr Atul Peters, Director, Bariatic and Minimal Access Surgery, Primus Hospital

5) I am 34-years old and prone to acne. This makes it difficult for me to shave. We are not allowed to keep facial hair at work, which means that I am in agony most mornings. Is there some cure out there that will take care of my problem?

This condition could be definitely controlled by consulting a dermatologist and there’s absolutely no need for you to suffer daily. In addition to the following dermatologist advice, clean the bearded area of your face using an acne clarifying face wash which preferably has two per cent salicylic acid. This helps in removing the sebum that builds up in the pores where your beard grows, and may help in preventing and treating acne.

Some tips that can help in achieving a clean shave without causing major discomfort:

·         Try using electric and safety razors-see which works best for you.
·         Shower before shaving to allow the hair to soak up the water and humidity. Wet your face with warm water first, then shaving cream or foam, and wait for a few moments before putting the blade on your skin.
·         Shave in the direction of hair growth and not against it. If you use an electric razor, apply a pre-shave lotion first so that the hair on your face stands out.
·         Ensure that blade is sharp-this helps prevent nicks/cuts which can irritate the skin and lead to breakouts.
·         Shave lightly to prevent nicking the acne lesions as this makes the acne worse.
·         Never try to shave off the acne as that aggravates the condition.

Dr VarunKatyal, Consmetic Dermatologist, The Skin Centre, Delhi